Quality assessment and classifications of harvested areas

After IFREMER and ARS Bretagne have proceeded to the analysis, the harvested areas are classified according to their quality, based on the professional classification but adapted to recreational harvesting.

Indeed, unlike "professional shellfish productions", the classification of recreational sites are not regulated administratively. Moreover, recreational harvesters do not have access to professional purification systems such as relaying or purification basins.

Therefore, an unofficial classification scale has been created. It is specific to recreational harvesting, based on data collected during the past 3 years and on advice from specialists:

*Chair et Liquide Intervalvaire

The quality of an area is determined according to the percentage of microbiological thresholds overruns. A class is then assigned to the area, and is associated to an advice depending on the general sanitary level.

Thus, a recap sheet on health risks is created for each monitored area. This sheet displays the location of the site, its recommendation (allowed, forbidden site...), the species used for analysis, a  recap of the results with the sanitary quality of the area.

You will find these recap sheets on sanitary hazards by clicking the point of your interest in the "STATE of harvested sites" tab. For a better understanding of the recap sheets, please consult the descriptive sheet: