Harvesting shellfish is subject to regulations whose purpose is to preserve the environment, respect professional activities and protect the consumers' health.

The recreational shellfish haversting's regulations about health hazard is approached in French Rural Code, art. 231-43. See "classification" in "Microbiological risks management" tab.

However it only deals with health risks on professionnal harvested areas : "recreational shellfish harvesting for human consumption can be practised, on professional harvested areas, only on quality A or B areas".

Regulations lay down minimum catch sizes, allowed quantities, harvesting periods, and they include decrees into effect. Regulations may be different from a department to another as the environment changes.

As a general rule, it is forbidden to harvest around professional shellfish farms. Moreover, the application/pdf Arrêté ministériel du 29 janvier 2013  sets the minimum size or weight of marine organisms caught during recreational shellfish harvesting and fishing in the North Sea, the Channel and the Atlantic Ocean.

This means that from now on, each department in Brittany is subject to the same minimum catch sizes which are :

Minimum regulatory catch sizes in the North Sea, the Channel and the Atlantic Ocean

The decree of October 21st, 2013, rules recreational shellfish harvesting's pratices in Brittany (application/pdf Arrêté de réglementation pêche pied loisir Bretagne), it has been modified by this decree (application/pdf arrêté du 16 juin 2014 modifiant l'arrêté du 21 octobre 2013).

It is necessary to inquire about each department particularities concerning harvesting periods and specific restrictions by clicking the following links: